Performance "One, two, three!"

Vadim Levanov „One, two three!“
Casts - Ieva Sriebaliūtė, Greta Špokauskaitė,Simona Žalaitė, Augustė Pociūtė, Akvilė Šmotavičiūtė, Juras Jurkus.
Director - Nerijus Gedminas.

Russian play writer Vadim Levanov in his play ”One, two, three!” talks about topical problem nowadays – suicide of teenagers. Author does not question, why it happens or what should be done to avoid this. He only states the fact, revives short fragment of real life. From this point of view came the theatrical solution of this play – it is like reality show, where everything is happening here and now. Those who worked with the performance wanted to create the illusion of reality; the only difference is that audience realizes that it is only a performance.

The characters of this play – three contemporary girls. They smoke, drink brandy, listen to Nirvana music and talk about life. They believe that after death they will become angels and Curt Cobain will meet them in heaven and delight them with his music.

The words and actions of girls can shock. Of course, it was possible to soften it, refuse using some details. But we consciously chose such way, because it is not possible to talk about this problem in a half silent way. The author himself asked us not to over-perform and seek to be authentic.

Image that you went along the corridor and through the ajar door heard conversation of three girls. You feel shame to stand and listen this way, you are scared by what you have heard, but you cannot leave…

Duration – 45 min.

We always discuss the performance with audience afterwards.