About us

"Laisvasis Teatras" started its activities several years ago as a youth drama studio. The one, who is "guilty" for that is director and drama teacher Nerijus Gedminas, who during more than ten years of work at school managed to give passion for theatre to his pupils, who later became very first actors of this theatre. Later professional artists and performing art students joined "Laisvasis Teatras".

For two years now team has presented its work in Lithuania, participated in several festivals (including "Plartforma" - International Festival of Modern Art in Klaipėda, "Atspindys" - International festival of monoperformances in Visaginas), has performed for Lithuanian emigrants in UK.

"Laisvasis Teatras" continues its tasks linked with the promotion of theatre art and education of young audience. The main goal is to create an opportunity to young artists to present themselves and their work to public.

In May 2011, "Laisvasis teatras" organized festival for young directors during which graduates of the Klaipeda University faculty of Art could make their debut.

In the future, "Laisvasis teatras" would like to become a professional team with permanent repertory, but still be open to new ideas and creative research.