Marie Markvard Andersen „Dance“

Marie Markvard  Andersen „Dance“

Actors :

Rosetta – Aina Norgilaite

Leifas – Ričardas Bertašius


Dovilė Binkauskaitė/Roberta Leščinskaitė and Darius Berulis

Director – Nerijus Gedminas

Dance and movement - D. Binkauskaiteand D. Berulis

„Dance“ takes a special place in the repertoire of the „ Laisvasis teatras“ theatre. It would be difficult to define its genre – whether it is a drama play with elements of modern dance or a dance performance with text insertions. This question could be answered by the creators of the play – two actors, two dancers and the director. And the audience as well.

The play narrates about the most beautiful human feeling – love. A person in love can make up his mind and take steps he could never think about in his life. A wish to stay next to the closest person gives him strength, inspires with new ideas and changes.

The text of a modern Danish playwright M.M. Andersen induced the creators to analyse the dark side of this feeling.

What happens when love is unrequited? What happens if it does not give wings but becomes weights on one’s feet, if it chains taking away the joy of life? Is it possible to love so deeply that the object of love becomes the only purpose and the only meaning of existence? Is it possible to decline oneself in favour of another person? Is a person who is able to feel so deeply and go through it, worth sympathy or respect? Is it possible or necessary to help such a person? Is it possible to break such torture? Break and leave. Where?

Rosetta cannot forget her beloved Leif who has left her. She writes him letters but does not get answers. She attends dance therapy courses, tries to console herself and live according to the directions of her course leader but it does not bring relief. On the contrary she submerges into depression.

‘ Attractively, delicately, sensitively, sentimentally … These words come to one’s mind watching the new work of the „ Laisvasis teatras“ theatre. The interpretation of M. Markvard  Andersen‘s play – the whole composition of the play  „Dance“ accomplished by the director of the independant theatre N. Gedminas seemed to be monolithic where dance not only supplement the minimal text. I dare to say that movement, its expression is not a minor thing , on the contrary, it is dominant, the main engine of the action“... Violeta Milvydiene the head of the choreography department, Klaipeda University.

„The theme of love is one of those which are relevant, real and experienced. When you touch this topic you will be sure to catch the audience‘s emotions, but will you say something new? In reality it is important not only what but and how... The ‘ Laisvasis teatras“ theatre coming back onto the stage with the play “Dance’ enthusiastically moves along its own way of creating its theatrical language, attentively putting psychologism, youthful attention to curiosities of life and minimalism into the integral alphabet...’

Valerija Lebedeva “Waltz with closed eyes” (“Klaipeda/Durys”)

Duration of the play is 50 minutes