Monodrama „ Natasha‘s dream“

Monodrama „ Natasha‘s dream“,

Based on the play by Jaroslava Pulinovic,

Performed by Deimante Sipalyte,

Director Nerijus Gedminas

A young, just a 26- year- old Russian playwright Jaroslava Pulinovic has already become a laureate of various literary awards. The writer has her own style, her plays are written as if in one gust of inspiration –honestly and heartily. “Pulinovic is a playwright of vital power, power of life which she constantly finds in her characters. As a matter of fact, it is the desire for the life of real value and it makes them heroes. At the same time such strong desire may easily lead to self – destruction” says Pavel Rudnev, a Russian theatre critic. The play “Natasha’s dream” is “the scream of a disillusionedsoul which cannot be reconciled with life where there is no and cannot be equal possibilities for everyone’.

The play tells the love and crime story of a girl Natalija Banina who is from a care house. A teenager who was brought up in the surrounding where the individual’s truth has to be defended and proved using fists, falls in love with a journalist from a local newspaper. Could this feeling become a lucky ticket to the adult world? Or will it be one more disappointment in her complicated life?

Deimante Sipalyte who is a student at the Siauliai University takes her first steps on the stage performing in this play. Nobody can tell yet how her relationships with the magic world of theatre will go on – will acting become her life mode or will it remain just a hobby. ‘She is not a typical actress – as if she walks next to her character…’ says director N. Gedminas. – “Deimante tells and explains more than acts”. The young actress playing the role of a girl from a care house, does not try to justify her character’s crime nor move the audience to tears. She just asserts – it was this way. Could there be another way out – it is for the audience to decide.

The duration of the play – 1 hour and 10 minutes.