Mono-performance „Good-bye,Tuner!"

Vadim Levanov "Good-bye,Tuner!"
Mono - performance of Augustė Pociūtė
Director – Nerijus Gedminas

The Russian playwright Vadim Levanov pays much attention to young members of the society in his works.  He has created a number of plays which he has called - "about children and teenagers". The heroes of Levanov's plays are young people who are rebellious, outcast, not able, but sometimes just not willing, to accept the rules of the adults' world. They cannot defend themselves so they are most vulnerable.

The author says: "The authenticity of the material and actors is very important working with these texts." That means that the audience should be addressed by the contemporary speaking the language they understand. Only that could help to start a dialogue with the audience. The young actors "don't need to pretend. That is almost their life, they know it and understand... it's necessary not to "over-act" to be more natural and truthful.

An actress who perfectly satisfies the author‘s request has been found. A student of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre Augustė Pociūtė has invaded with this play the theatrical world of hometown like a comet and has attracted the attention of spectators and theatre professionals. „...she is sincere, plastic, organic...” (G. Gugevičiūtė, „Klaipėda“), “...the distinctive actress’s features, her ability to create the impression of the character completeness, courage, taste, slight irony, the attitude towards the heroine have wowed...“ (R. Viskauskas „Literatūra ir menas“) -  reviewers praise the young actress.

The hero of the play is a daughter of rich parents, she tells the greatest adventure of her not very long life so far - love for a piano tuner. The young girl still finds it difficult to understand and evaluate what has happened to her. It is clear that all those events have irreversibly changed lives of her own and people connected with her.

This play is a teenager's confession, a story about unfolding womanhood, first love, passion. The young girl does not spare the older generation bitter words for its weakness, hypocrisy, but she takes from adults not the best qualities herself.

The modern story of Lolita told by the hero's lips is sincere, intimate and true.

Duration – 55 min.